The Rise and Rise of Smart Home Automation!

In recent years, there has been a massive increase in the connectivity of the Internet with our everyday lives, especially in mobility. Now, this increase in connectivity has extended to a variety of security products that can help make your life easier both at home and at work.

This recent boom has brought with it a wide array of smart, affordable home and business automation products that appeal to a variety of buyers. These include individuals who want a bit more peace of mind at home (either house or rental), or at a mix of different business types. With companies like Coffeyco Security providing a comprehensive range of different smart devices for most digital home/business applications, you will be better protected while always connected!

In the wider scope of things, home automation’s boom is expected to create approximately $160 million in revenue in Australia in 2014, with an estimated increase to $917 million by the year 2017, according to a Telsyte study which can be found here.

Telsyte is an emerging analyst firm, focusing on predicting our future use of technology. In 2014, they put out their first Smart Home Automation Market Study. This study predicted the sharp increase, with a large focus on the changing landscape in home security, and the increased level of interest from homeowners, renters and business owners alike.

What is generating the interest? There are a variety of reasons, from the increase in home value to the increase in peace of mind they create, but for the most part, ease of use is leading the charge. Most systems can be operated by anyone who can download and use a smartphone application.

Of course, the application needs something to control, and most of these systems will be centered with a ‘smart hub’ – a device that will serve as the communication centerpiece for all smart security and z-wave automation devices including items such as smart light bulbs, thermostats, door locks, security sensors, etc. These devices will serve a multitude of purposes ensuring improved control while saving money through increased energy consumption awareness.

Are you interested in taking part in the boom with an increase in your home or business security? Call or contact Coffeyco for a quote today!
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