How crime victims can help solve their own crimes!

With many law enforcement offices overtaxed and understaffed, there has been a boom in crime victims attempting to solve their own crimes.

This trend has been growing globally for some time, with the numbers still climbing. Lack of urgency or a timely arrest, irritates and encourages victims to carry out the tedious, time consuming tasks such as collecting CCTV footage, speaking to neighbours or witnesses, and delivering it to the police for quicker assistance.

Without a security system, this can be a struggle. However with a properly installed security system, investigations are far simpler. Installing even a handful of motion sensors and cameras on your property can make this much easier, particularly with a real time event history log. This not only makes collecting the information a snap, it can help in determining your usual schedule and identifying any breaches or changes in that schedule (such as if there is a break in or other breach).

Installing sensors is the first step. Naming these sensors is the second. Perhaps you have three sensors – one at your front and rear doors, and one at your garage door. If these doors are labeled, it makes it much easier to provide an idea of the location of the breach and time, and if there is CCTV video, a picture or HD video of your burglar.

Adding these simple items to your security system or upgrading to an all inclusive security system can keep you safe, and not only arm your home, but arm you in the event of a breach, so the individual can be brought to justice.
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