A Letter From Your Local Burglar

You don’t know me, but I know you. Of course, if you saw me you might recognize me. Maybe I was the guy who delivered your new refrigerator, or cleaned your carpets. Or perhaps I was the guy cutting your lawn who asked to use the bathroom. I saw that there was a box from a new television at the bins, fifty-five inch, impressive. It will be easy for me to get, too, since I left the bathroom window unlocked before I left. I have been parking down the street and walking past a couple of times a day to figure out your schedule, too.
I noticed that you left your front door unlocked fumbling with your umbrella this morning when I walked by. No problem, I will be sure to lock up before I leave. Of course, when I leave, it will be with that new television and Xbox console. Of course, if there are any valuables in the kids’ room, I won’t look at those – good thing there are plenty elsewhere in the house. The safe in your bedroom closet was visible when I used the bathroom the other day. It will be small enough to take without a hassle, so I hope there’s something good in there for me!
That old alarm system in the house seems like it would be a good idea in theory, of cause the pretty decorative glass in your entryway lets me know for sure if it’s on – what great placement! Be sure to give the security company my regards when you call to report the break-in. We both know if your alarm would have been armed instead of left off in the umbrella fumble, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, lucky for me you don’t have one of those new We.R systems that you can arm remotely from your smartphone, that system has caused me so many missed opportunities, but not this time!
There were some travel brochures and a trip itinerary on your kitchen counter when I was heading for the door, good to know when you’ll be out of town. I noticed you also told everyone what day you’re leaving on Facebook. At least now I know when to show up without being bothered. Oh, you don’t have a dog? Wonderful, no need to bring my oven spray. Enjoy your trip!
-Your local neighborhood burglar
burglar-with-crowbar  Burglar

Property safety in Broadbeach

Residents tend to not think about the statistics behind crimes in their area. Property safety is essential no matter where you live. Crimes like unlawful entry, robberies and property damage happen everywhere. By evaluating data for your suburb you are forced to become more aware of crimes in your area.
Unlawful Entry in Broadbeach
In 2012, the Gold Coast suburb of Broadbeach (where Coffeyco Security is currently based) experienced 1,229 cases of unlawful entry. The crime of unlawful entry to a dwelling with violence occurred 23 times throughout the year, while the rate without violence was much higher with 819 accounts. The majority of unlawful entries into dwellings were with intent. Planned entries mean the property was targeted. This is most likely due to no visible signage or security monitoring system being in place and the property being seen as an ‘easy target’.

Unlawful entry data sourced from: data.org.au
The most cost effective way to avoid unlawful entry is to use warning signage. To ensure safety Coffeyco Security and Automation recommends investing in monitoring equipment to deter and catch criminals in the act.
Property Damage in Broadbeach
Property damage includes any stolen items from a property or shop as well as general damage. Overall there were over 7,000 reports of offences against properties in 2012. It is not just items in the house you need to protect, 886 vehicles were reported stolen along with 1,856 other stealing accounts.

Property damages data sourced from: data.org.au
How can I protect my Broadbeach home?
Broadbeach is overall a great place to live but where there are people – crime tends to follow. The majority of accommodation in Broadbeach is apartment style developments. The best way to protect your home, apartment orplace of employment is through implementing a security monitoring system. This can include sensors for both intruder and fire, cameras and monitoring through a certified central station. Add an extra layer of crime prevention measures by fixing fence and window signage to deter potential intruders even further.
Coffeyco Security offers a completely relocatable security solution that does not damage any part of your home – meaning it is perfect for renters and alike!

Apartment Buildings Get Burgled Too!

Most security systems aim for the safety of home and business owners, but apartment residents can get in on the action, as well.
In late 2012, there was a surge in high-rise apartment burglaries on the Gold Coast, perpetrated by burglars called “Spiderman thieves” by the media. They breached sliding glass doors on balconies, and took TVs, iPads, phones, cigarettes, cash, and other items. One burglar actually fell to his death from a sixth-floor high rise. Approximately thirty percent of apartment burglaries are perpetrated in this way.
2469087289_0bc4c39c48_b Apartment

The Benefits of Home Security

When considering having a home security system installed, isn’t it obvious that that pros outweigh the cons regarding whether or not to bite the bullet? Of course you and your family, and your property and possessions will be more protected with a professionally installed and maintained security system, than if there were no system in place. Let’s have a look at some of the top reasons many people choose to have a home security or surveillance system in place.
1. Keep the Burglars Out
No one wants to have their home considered a hotspot for intruders, or have it be an inviting place for thieves or maniacs. Many families choose to install security systems for this very simple reason. Even if your home is in the absolute safest neighborhood in 100 square kilometers, you never know who could be staking out the place and taking inventory on your most prized possessions.

2. Peace of Mind
Sometimes it’s just about being able to rest easy, feeling assured that everything is safe and secure. If you are home or not, a home security system will definitely ensure something that you just cannot put a price tag on: peace of mind. Knowing that you and your family and your belongings are confidently safe and sound is absolutely invaluable.

3. Surveillance
A lot of families are opting for surveillance cameras in the home these days, for extra reassurance. With surveillance monitoring, you can inspect what goes on when you are not around. You can also check out that funny noise you heard coming from the backyard, or see who is ringing the doorbell without going anywhere near it.

It’s a no-brainier, really. There is no reason not to have a home security system installed. Coffey Co Security of Brisbane will have you covered from A to Z with all your home security system needs. They offer home security systems, alarm systems, surveillance cameras, 24/7 monitoring systems and much more in Brisbane.

Have a We.R system? The We.R@Protect app is right for you!

If you are currently considering installing a smart security system with a smartphone application and Z-Wave capabilities, the We.R Security and Home Control System and We.R@Protect app by Protect Australia will be a great choice. The only requirement to using the app is having a We.R system installed in your home or office and an account activated.

The We.R@Protect app not only enables you to manage your home when you aren’t there, it is peace of mind twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. With real-time monitoring alerts sent direct to your mobile device, you will never have to wonder what’s happening at home.
Working with not only the We.R security detection sensors, but Z-Wave home and energy devices, the We.R@Protect app is a one-stop shop for seamless home automation control. You can switch connected electrical devices on and off, arm and disarm your system, as well as manage it remotely. Have camera movement sensors installed, the We.R@Protect app allows you to view your home cameras in real-time, to make sure that everything is as it should be. Don’t have time to watch video? That’s okay, too. You can program the system to send real-time alerts to your device. These alerts can be at your request, or triggered by motion in an armed state.

You even have the option of seeing the history for your entire system using the We.R@Protect app, which is helpful in the event that service is needed for a malfunction or an upgrade. In the event of a break in, if there is a portion of your system being tampered with, it will tell you that, too.
Wouldn’t you love to have the peace of mind that the We.R@Protect app would bring? With all of the We.R options available from Protect Australia through Coffeyco Security, you should be able to find the perfect solution for your home, as well as your (mobile) lifestyle. Call us for a free quote today! 130024LIVE