Wireless Pan/Tilt Network Camera

Ensure complete peace of mind with a wireless video network camera that let’s you gain a true picture of what is happening in your home or business 24 hours a day. View live video from any web enabled device and remotely control camera movement through the pan/tilt features. Take video clips or snapshots at pre-determined intervals while motion detection enables the camera to send out SMS or Email alerts when armed.
Wireless Plug and Play
Take Video Clips or Snapshots
SMS or Email Alerts

WeR@Home Wins ECC for 2014

Essence Security’s WeR@Home has been awarded the distinction of being European Consumers’ Choice for 2014. European Consumers Choice is an independent organization developed in order to reward companies in a variety of areas, including innovation, ingenuity and ease of use.
When it was tested, WeR@Home was rated 9.8 for ease of use, 9.5 for innovation, and 8.8 for design, a global rating of 9.4, being the highest score in its’ category. The European Consumers Choice award was important to those behind WeR@Home for several simple reasons, as founder and CEO of Essence Security, Dr. Haim Amir, stated: “Our product was tested by regular people, who gave our system a 9.8 for ease of use, validating our superb yet simple customer experience and design.”
WeR@Home is much more than just a security system. It is a full service home automation product, which makes it incredibly simple for individuals to manage their homes from either a web or smartphone app, and including a variety of modular tasks including home management, safety, and security. The product is Z-wave compatible and integrates the latest technology to let consumers manage everything from their smoke alarms to home lighting.
Essence Security has over 20 years of experience providing reliable and high-quality security solutions for a variety of end users, with over 10 million devices installed within this timeframe. Essence has been proven as a leader in delivering cost-effective reliable solutions worldwide.
Coffeyco Security, via Protect Australia, is an exclusive provider of the WeR@Home product. Contact us today for your personalized quote on this excellent product and see why it was chosen European Consumers’ Choice for 2014!
Wins ECC

The NBN and Your Business

The National Broadband Network is currently being rolled out throughout Australia. It is a national, wholesale-only, open access broadband network that aims to bring high speed broadband and telephone services within the reach of all residents and businesses. The NBN will take advantage of the most suitable technology for a given location, to ensure that every home, school or workplace is able to access it.

The NBN offers a reliable broadband infrastructure for small and medium sized businesses. Location will not be a limiting factor as both high-speed wired and wireless technology will be utilized. This can potentially enable local businesses to increase their productivity, generate savings, and showcase their products in the global marketplace.
Aside from the benefits derived from the improved marketing and sales reach, the NBN will also improve video streaming and conferencing capabilities. Imagine being able to seamlessly connect via video call to any point in the country. Businesses can opt to save travel expenses by holding remote team meetings instead.
Superfast broadband speeds across different data classes will allow speedy access to a wide range of services from entertainment to education, to video conferencing and streaming.
Homes and businesses that use networked alarm systems are going to reap significant benefits from the NBN. The improved infrastructure and reach will allow even fairly remote premises to utilize top of the line security systems. The NBN’s broadband connection can easily carry data from multi-megapixel surveillance cameras to any monitoring hub online.

After the nationwide installation and roll-out is complete, users can connect to the NBN via existing service providers. Since it’s a whole sale system, you will still need to get your subscription from your local ISP. Different speed and data packages are available for different requirements.
Business owners will be interested in the availability of several different Upload speeds. The NBN will offer upload speeds up to 40 times faster than current copper wire based services. High definition video conferencing will become more common place.

Migration from current DSL services is expected to be pretty simple and straightforward. There is the added bonus of being able to use the NBN for POTS or plain old telephone system. Backwards compatibility with older alarm systems should be possible.
Finally the system will be easier to manage from an account management standpoint. It will not matter what type of service you’re using or where you’re located. There will be one universal website which can be used for payment transactions and customer support requirements.


Energy Saving Bulbs have been in existence for a long time now. As the name indicates, these bulbs are more effective as compared to an ordinary bulb in terms of power consumption. Most of us are currently using these bulbs in order to save on electricity consumption and ultimately the electricity bill.
Energy Saving Bulbs will come in different shapes on the market with different ratings in terms of voltage or watts and they will definitely save our pockets.
These types of bulbs, if broken, cause serious danger.
* If one breaks, everybody will have to leave the room for at least 15 minutes, because it contains mercury (poisonous) which causes migraine, disorientation, imbalances and different other heart problems when inhaled.

* It causes many people with allergies, severe skin conditions and other diseases just by touching this substance or inhaling it.

* Do NOT clean the debris of the broken bulb with a vacuum cleaner, because it will spread the contamination to other rooms in the house. It must be cleaned up with a normal broom or brush, be kept in a sealed bag and disposed of right away from the house in a bin for hazardous materials.

Below is advice on what to do if a low-energy bulb breaks:

1. Evacuate the room, taking care not to step on the shards of glass littering the floor.

2. Do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the mess as the machines sucking action could spread toxic mercury droplets around the home.

3. Put on rubber gloves and sweep the debris into a dustpan.

4. Place the remains in a plastic bag and seal it.

5. Do not put the plastic in a normal household bin.

6. Instead, place it in a municipal recycling bin for batteries which also contains mercury or take it to a council dump where it can be disposed of safely.

7. Try not to inhale the dust from the broken bulb.

WARNING: Mercury is dangerous, more poisonous than lead or arsenic!

“External Safety Alert”
Safety Alert

Protect Australia

Coffeyco Security proudly announces it’s authorised dealership agreement with Protect Australia!

Coffeyco Security improves national support network by joining Protect Australia. With over one hundred years of combined industry experience in providing security services, the new alliance is committed to upholding its standards of excellent customer service along with providing the finest value in the industry and helping its customers maintain a safer, smarter and more secure environment whether at home or at work. The Coffeyco team, are thrilled about the new partnership, who are both enjoying early success while promoting and selling the exciting new connected home and small business solution We.R.
The We.R system is a revolutionary new way to self-monitor and control your home or workplace, no matter what time, date, or location. The device range offered by the Protect Australia Group makes home or business security seamlessly sophisticated, especially with the use of web and smartphone applications. The affordability, coupled with the significant money saving benefits of smarter device controls is certain to place the We.R system at the forefront of most consumers choices when selecting an adequate, modern day, security solution.
“We.R was designed and developed at the highest standards of quality and reliability,” stated Dr. Haim Amir, founder & CEO of Essence Security, the company behind the We.R product.
Coffeyco Security is looking forward to both its partnership with Protect Australia and being able to provide a product as great as We.R to the public.
Protect Australia

New Gadgets for Swimming Pool Safety!

In the past, keeping your home swimming pool safe seemed easy enough. Put up a fence, don’t leave children unattended, and always be sure that if someone is in your pool, they know how to swim. Now, with the advent of a piece of technology for seemingly every purpose, automating the security and safety of your swimming pool could not be simpler or more within reach. We will discuss five of the options here, and all can be utilized in either new pool construction or an existing pool setup.
Surface Motion Alarms
One of the most popular products available for pool owners is a surface motion alarm. The way they work is pretty self-explanatory – when a calm surface is disturbed (such as the water in a swimming pool), it will activate an alarm in order to alert the homeowner that the water has been disturbed. In some cases, it can trigger during cases of heavy wind, but the peace of mind should be enough to negate the occasional inconvenience.
Infrared Motion Sensors
If you don’t want to have multiple pieces and parts to your pool security and safety system, or want an expandable option, an infrared motion sensor will be your best bet. These come in both fence or wall-mounted options, as well as a pool-mounted option. In both, the sensors emit infrared beams and activate an alarm when they are breached. This will not alarm with inanimate objects, but are incredibly sensitive to movement and are a great first step.
Underwater Motion Alarms
Inside the pool, motion alarms are a great option if you don’t want to deal with false alarms. These alarms emit a sonar grid and provide detection of any breach immediately. If you do not want to babysit your system, these are another great option. The system essentially re-arms itself, and typically operates completely automated.
Personal Immersion Detectors
Infants and pools understandably cause parents to worry. A personal immersion detector requires each child to wear a wristband that would alarm if the child touches water. This is a great secondary addition to your motion alarm or sensor, but not as a primary solution. It would definitely come in handy in the event a child is not supervised constantly, and would need to be removed if the child wanted to swim.
Pool Gate Sensors
Summer is the swimming season, with pool gates opening and closing, it is not uncommon for a gate to be accidentally left open. This creates danger and increases the risk of drowning for families with young children and toddlers. Pool gate sensors are a great way to alert all residents when a pool gate has been opened, which can provide enough time to prevent a fatal drowning. With some security systems such as the We.R, these devices can sound a chime every time the gate has opened and can also be armed as part of the alarm system which will activate an alarm, just as any other entry point sensor when breached.

Though the seasons change quickly, the security and safety of your home pool is paramount, no matter what time of the year. Coffeyco Security provides a wide variety of items for peace of mind in your home, and safety for your family all year round.
swimming-pool Pool Safety

New Z-Wave Home Automation to Keep Your Home Safer

If your home or business security system is a Z-Wave system, you are already protected by one of the best systems currently available. Thankfully, the We.R system is compatible with Z-Wave, making home security options endless.
If we look at the full spectrum of offerings, we have the following: door & window sensors, garage door controllers, home energy meters, key fobs, LED lighting bulbs, micro controllers, minimotes, multi sensors, panic buttons, sirens, smart film, smart switches & strips, touch panels, water sensors, and the Z-stick. Quite a mouthful!
Whether you desire the simplest of systems or the most sophisticated, an expandable Z-Wave system is the perfect solution.
Most know what door and window sensors, key fobs, garage door controllers, sirens and panic buttons do, but what about the others?
Home Energy Meters: An addition to your security system that can help you understand just how much energy your home uses on a regular basis. The meter is installed in an electricity box, and reports usage into your Z-Wave gateway. This shows not only how much energy you’re using, but where and how much it costs.

Micro Controllers: Installed within a home’s wall or ceiling, micro controllers can control everything from lighting to curtains and appliances. Using the Z-Wave smartphone app, your home can be completely automated.
Minimotes: With a slim line Minimote, you can single handedly control your entire home without the use of a smartphone. How cool is that? Each button does much more than turning lights on and off, they can control multiple devices at once!
Multi Sensors: Many sensors currently on the market serve only one purpose, such as only being a motion or light sensor. Multi Sensors do whatever you’d like them too! Motion, light, or humidity, it senses it all – they can even be used as thermometers. Using one Multi Sensor is the same as using four separate pieces of technology with other systems.

Smart Film: While not available yet, Smart Film is a patent-pending window cover technology that is like a digital curtain. With the push of a button, a room can be darkened either for privacy and convenience or to save money.
Water Sensors: Your home is likely the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. Why put that investment at risk by not protecting yourself against nature? Z-Wave water sensors can detect both leaks and floods, and can also work to prevent water getting too low in pools or tanks.
As you can see, the We.R System coupled with Z-Wave Automation connects a home seamlessly and effortlessly. Call Coffeyco today for a quote!

Camera with Motion Detector

Now you can see what triggered the alarm!
Have you ever wondered what is going on inside your home when you are asleep or out? The addition of an indoor camera with motion detector could be just the answer you’re looking for. With a variety of different cameras (sensors) available, home security is as simple as installing a camera inside your residence and an app to your mobile device.
One of the best options in a sensor is the Essence Security ES800IPD wireless photo detector. The detector is small enough to be obstructed from view easily, but able to deliver photographs in real time with any movement via a motion sensor.
The ES800IPD runs as part of the WeR Wireless Home Security System, called WeR@Home. WeR@Home is a wireless security system that allows individuals to monitor their home no matter where they are. Both mobile and web apps are available, so a home can be monitored in a variety of ways with instant results. Imagine being able to see what is happening at home via clicking the mouse at your desk at work or by opening an app on your mobile phone, never again questioning or asking “what if?” The WeR@Home system has a variety of options, all reporting back to the main Hub. Fully customizable, this is one system that leaves nothing out of reach. A variety of options are available, including sensors that can be added to doors and windows and motion-detecting cameras, which can be mounted in various locations. Smoke detectors can even be linked into the system; leaving you with the peace of mind you need in order to go about your day worry free.
With an image sensor added to your home’s security, or by using a product such as WeR@Home, you are adding an entirely new layer of protection. Imagine having personal items stolen from your home or garage area, having a picture of the assailant, and being able to find and prosecute them in short order! Having photographic evidence not only helps you, but helps prevent future victims from having the same happen to them.
Motion Detector

How it Works

When the public here an alarm activated very rarely do they do anything about it. That’s why installing a security system is only part of the process when securing your home or business. At Coffeyco Security your alarm, cameras or both will be monitored by our A1 endorsed control room. Utilising a state-of-the-art, high speed automated notification system – supported by our professional 24 hour operators, Coffeyco guarantees you the fastest and most accurate notification possible. View the graphic below for information on how the monitoring system architecture works.

Holiday Home Security

Just because your holiday home is not your primary place of residence doesn’t mean it needs less security. At Coffeyco we strive to eliminate security concerns by providing an interactive security solution which enables the end user remote arming/disarming ensuring the security is on when it’s meant to be on. Receive automated notifications when security is breached along with the 24 hour control rooms support who will handle the event as per the clients instructions, which is discussed during the set-up stage. Combining smart security with the automation package would include remote video monitoring which pushes a link to event recordings during an alarm activation and enables remote lighting control to suggest the properties occupants are home. All of this can be achieved whether your in the next state or on the other side of the globe from any web enabled device that features the free Coffeyco app.Holiday