Simple and Affordable Home Security for Renters

Protect it, even if you don’t own it. Your personal assets are priceless! Unfortunately, we are all exposed to break-ins!

Simple to install! Easy to use!

• Re-locatable equipment and monitoring service
• Wireless sensors for easy installation
• Wireless plug and play cameras
• Free smartphone app
• 24 hour protection

For the majority of Australians that move out of home for the first time, this means moving into a rental property of their own. Normally location and price means an apartment is the most common choice. A growing trend due to property affordability and a volatile economic climate shows an increasing number of Australians are opting to rent as a permanent living arrangement. The statistics uncover that rental living is not only exclusive to the young, with a large % of rentals across Australia occupied by families.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics household burglaries are on the rise in nearly every populated area of the country. Craig Coffey from Coffeyco Security believes that rented apartments and homes are a bigger target, as there is a common belief from thieves that if you don’t own the property, you won’t spend money on protecting it.

“Home Security should be just as crucial to a family or person renting as it is with a homeowner, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money” says Craig. Company research suggested an affordable quality monitored security system would fill a large void for a rental family/persons security concerns.

Welcome the GE Simon XT Wireless Security System with an innovative new program feature that allows the security equipment owner to re-locate not only the equipment but the monitoring service as well. There are no extra charges if you move address, just simply notify Coffeyco Security of the intended move and the friendly staff will post out a moving kit.

When in the new home/apartment click on our website to watch an installation video or to read the installer and users manual. As Coffeyco Security prides itself on a superior level of customer service they are only a phone call away if you need any help.

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