These conditions shall apply to all Contracts made by Coffeyco Security with customers for the sale of equipment supplied by Coffeyco Security .


Coffeyco Security reserves the right to vary quotations without notice, in accordance with any variation in currency exchange rates, government charges and import duties, transportation costs etc. Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted exclude goods and service Tax. Tax exempt prices will only be applicable where a valid exemption is quoted. For export purposes, the price as quoted by Coffeyco Security are F.O.B Sydney Australia. The customer is responsible for all additional charges by Government or other authorities required for importation of the products.


The first progressive invoice will be for 50% of the contract or purchase order value and will be issued upon receipt of your official order. The Second invoice for the remainder 50% will be invoiced at practical completion. These invoices shall be payable within seven (7) days of the invoice date.


An order accepted by Coffeyco Security shall not be cancelled by the customer without the written consent of Coffeyco Security . Where a cancellation is so accepted by Coffeyco Security . The cus- tomer shall pay to Coffeyco Security all costs incurred by performing the contract up to the date of Coffeyco Security acceptance of such cancellation or a minimum 30% restocking fee if applicable.


In the event of the customer returning goods, or failing to accept any delivery of the goods tendered, in accordance with the contract, Coffeyco Security shall be entitled to invoice the customer for the goods so tendered an to treat the remainder of the contract (if any) as cancelled by the customer under condition 4 hereof. Coffeyco Security shall be entitled to store at the risk of the customer, any goods which the customer refuses or fails to take delivery of. The customer shall in addition to the invoice prices therefore, and without prejudice to any other damaged goods for which it may be liable, pay all costs of such storage and any additional costs for carriage or whatsoever costs incurred as a result to failure to take delivery, which the seller may incur within sixty (60) days of such refusal or failure. Delivery time frame is generally 6 - 10 weeks dependant on contract size and complexity.


The customer indemnifies Coffeyco Security against all claims, costs, damages and expenses incurred by Coffeyco Security or for which may become liable as a direct result of the carrying out of works on or to the goods in accordance with the requirements of specifications the customer requires, includ- ing any infringement or alleged infringement of any patent or other industrial or intellectual property or right vested in any person, firm, company or body.


Coffeyco Security hereby reserve the right at any time to make such alterations to the specifications, design or construction to the goods as Unicall shall in it's own discretion deem fit to, provided always that the goods shalt remain of merchantable quality and sufficient for the purpose of the customer.


If any licence or consent of any Government or other authority shall be required for the importation acquisition or use of goods, the customer shall obtain the same at its own expense and, or so required, produce evidence of the same to Coffeyco Security on demand.


The supply of goods hereunder, shall not confer any right upon the customer to use any Coffeyco Security trade mark, and at all times such trade mark shall remain the property of Coffeyco Security

10. TITLE:

Title of any goods sold and delivered to the customer, shall remain with Coffeyco Security and will not pass to the customer until such time as all monies due from the customer to Coffeyco Security are paid.


Unless otherwise agreed with Coffeyco Security in writing, Coffeyco Security guarantees the quality of goods supplied for a period of TWENTY FOUR (24) months from the date of delivery to the cus- tomer, or where a Manufacturer's Guarantee or Warranty is offered, for the period stated by the Manufacturer up to a maximum period of TWENTY FOUR (24) months. Coffeyco Security will, at its discretion, replace free of charge or repair defective goods so delivered, save that Coffeyco Security shall not be liable in the event of defects arising from misuse of the goods by the customer.


The goods as set out in Coffeyco Security specifications are only intended to reduce the risk of loss and damage to property and injury to persons in, or on, or near the premises of the Customer to the extent that is reasonably practical by use of such goods. Coffeyco Security gives no understanding to the customer that any particular loss or damage or injury can and will be prevented by the use of the goods.


All complaints from the customer to Coffeyco Security that the goods delivered do not correspond with the goods ordered shall be made within seven (7) days of delivery in writing. Thereafter, the customer will be deemed to have accepted the goods for delivery.


Return of goods for credit shall be made writing within seven (7) days of receipt of delivered goods. Goods shall only be accepted if in 'as new' condition. The goods shall be subject to a restocking fee of 30%. No credits will be accepted unless supplied with a copy of the original invoice.


Coffeyco Security shall not be liable for any loss sustained by the customer through delay in delivering the goods ordered where such delay shall have been caused by or arise from force majeure (Strikes, shortage of labour or materials, delay at sea, break-out of war).


If the customer enters into a deed of arrangement or commits an act of bankruptcy or compound with his/ her creditors or, if a receiving order is made against him/ her, or (being a company) it passes a resolution for voluntary winding up (otherwise than for the purpose of amalgamation or reconstruction), or shall have a petition for winding up present against it ,or if a receiver shall be appointed for the whole or any part of its undertaking, or if circumstances shall make or suffer any similar action in consequence of debt, or shall commit breach of any further part of the contract, the Coffeyco Security may stop any goods or equipment in transit and suspend deliveries and any further performance of the contract and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing any notice in writing to the customer forthwith determine the contract without prejudice to any existing claims at the time of such termination.


The attached quotation is valid for thirty (30) days from the quotation date.


Contract conditions
Liquidated damages
Special site conditions or specifications
Core drilling or boring
X-ray of slabs
As installed drawings
After hours work
Council/ Government approvals
Personnel lifting platforms
Interface with others equipment i.e.. Lifts, Fire panels
Marking and identification of existing services & repair of same
Any items not indicated in the proposal

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