Security Tips

1- Lock all Doors and Windows, even when you are only leaving the home for a little while. Most burglars enter through an unlocked door or window.

2- Change locks when moving into a new home.

3- Never leave a message on the answering machine recording that you have gone away.

4- Insert restriction bars (Wooden dowel) that can be easily moved when at home. These are ideal for sliding windows and doors as they restrict any sliding movement when they are inserted in the sliding track on the inside of the door or window.

5- Never leave a build up of mail at the letterbox. This is a sure way to highlight that the property owner has been home for days.

6- Put the bins away after the garbage truck has been around. It’s a good idea to organise the neighbour to bring them in if your going to be away. This is another way of eliminating any thought that the home owner might not be around.

7- Never leave desirable items such as laptops, mobile phones, car keys, tablets, IPODS, purses, wallets and handbags in clear view if a burglar decides to look through a window. These items really wet their apetite.

8- Use timers or automation to control electrical devices around the home. Well balanced lighting and noise inside the home suggests the occupants are home even when their out.

9- Install a home safe anchored to the floor, for valuable items. This should be an effective deterrent for any smash and grab burglar.

10- Permanent labeling of valuable items. The Police now offer kits to engrave your details into expensive valuables. This obviously can reduce or restrict a thief from profiting and helps in the retrieving process.

11- Install security plates on doors covering the lock and strike plate. Although a little unsightly, these can prevent a thief from popping a door strike out with a screwdriver.

12- Join neighbourhood watch. Keep a look out for any suspicious behaviour and invite your neighbours to do the same. Thieves will stay away from a close guarded neighbourhood.

13- Don’t have parcels delivered to the front door if your not going to be home. This is a welcome mat for a would be thief.

14- Leaving lights on when you go away for a few days. This draws attention to your home when their still on in the middle of the day and suggests no one has been home to turn them off.

15- Never leave spare keys under mats, in pot plants, the letterbox or above the front door. These are the most obvious place a thief will first look. Invest in a Wireless Digital Deadbolt to eliminate the need for keys.

16- Where possible, it’s a good idea for families that have a second car to leave in the driveway when away for any length of time.

17- Sensor lights at night, around entry points are a great deterrent. Burglars prefer to operate in stealth or darkness with no prying eyes.

18- Cut down any trees, shrubbery or branches located near windows, doors and balconies to inhibit a burglar from using to gain access or shield a break-in.

19- Check any door to door salesman has the proper ID and verify these details with the current employer before letting them into your home or even opening the door. Burglars can often case a neighbourhood and the belongings of each home by pretending to be a door to door salesman.

20- Install a peephole for further measures.

21- Dogs and other loud pets can be a great at scaring off any thief.

22- Security signage has been known to reduce the chance of being broken in too, by 33%. Display these signs where they will be well spotted day and night.

23- Nine out of ten convicted burglars interviewed agreed they would avoid a home with an obvious alarm or camera system. Monitored security takes this one step further with the threat of being caught in the act by Police.

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