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Whether you need one surveillance camera or an extensive CCTV network, Coffeyco Security can design, size and scale a CCTV solution to fit your business needs, no matter how simple or complex. If your need is as simple as a camera to monitor the door of your business, or one hundred cameras to monitor every inch of your business, Coffeyco can confidently create a scalable security option that will work wonders for both your business and peace of mind.

The first decision to make, as a business owner, is whether your needs are for an analogue or digital solution. An analogue solution will perform well across a variety of different lighting conditions, as well as managing motion fairly well, is a little grainer with image quality which is reflected in what you pay. An IP (or digital) solution is great for high definition imagery, and offer infrared technology for dark lighting situations as well. With increased internet speeds and most IP systems offering a mobile application for remote connectivity, IP systems have become the business operators preferred choice when selecting between the two. Another alternative is the advent of hybrid recorders that allow both types of cameras to be used in conjunction with one another to create a comprehensive CCTV system utilizing existing and new equipment and infrastructure. Whether analogue, IP or Hybrid, Coffeyco Security has the right surveillance solution to fit any size business, and if our listing of past clients and projects is any indication, we are confident in our abilities to do the same for your business.

CCTV systems have become a very effective management tool as well as a security measure. With the ability to watch live video from anywhere, they offer an additional layer of protection keeping you and your staff protected and accountable at all times.

The images seen below are exported directly from a VIP Vision network video recorder.

Beyond 1080p Full HD

This 3.0 megapixel (2048 x 1536) image clearly shows the advantage of using higher resolution cameras. Observe fine details in the separation in the tree leaves and definition of the number plate characters.
Click to download raw footage


One Step Better than 720p HD

A standard for VIP Vision entry level IP CCTV, 1.3 megapixel (1280 x 960) is sufficient for resolving good amounts of detail. However, the lower resolution does not offer the clarity of 3.0MP cameras.
Click to download raw footage


The Best of Analogue

This final footage capture shows D1 resolution (720 x 576). Excluding 960H quality, this is the best conventional analogue systems can offer. There is simply not enough information in the image to properly discern faces or fine detail.
Click to download raw footage


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