Video Intercom Systems

An extra layer of protection for your home!

The safety and security of knowing who is at your front door is always a wonderful feeling. From family and friends to delivery people and solicitors, we all see a variety of individuals at our front doors, and imagine how great it would be to know precisely who is there before opening the door! A video intercom system is a great way to accomplish this, and know exactly who is knocking… each and every time, day or night.

Beyond the usual suspects, an intercom system is also a great way to monitor security at your home. If a thief attempted to case your home or someone stated they came to see you at a certain time, you would be able to see and verify all of these things through a variety of memory functions. Within the home, multiple monitors can function for communication between family members, which means an individual in a bedroom or upper hallway could speak to another in the kitchen in a snap.

Video intercom security is not limited to the home – a system could also be very useful in an office setting. When visitors are at the door, they could be quickly buzzed in without even needing to leave your office chair or what you are doing.

Most intercom systems function with multiple components. The first is an outdoor door station, including the camera and intercom, and the second is an indoor main station, which controls the system. Imagine hearing your doorbell ring, looking at a monitor and being able to unlock the door by pressing the door key button, located on each indoor monitor. Many systems are expandable, and can be set up in a variety of ways, including a separate tone for each door of your home.

There are a variety of systems available, but those manufactured by Aiphone, specifically the JO Series, work in a variety of applications. With the slim design of the screen and elegant styling, there is no way the indoor station would ever look out of place, no matter what the décor. The JO Series comes with a box set, depending on your needs. There are three box sets available. The JOS-1A set includes one plastic surface mount door station, master station, and power supply. The JOS-1V set includes one zinc die-cast surface mount door station, master station, and power supply. The JOS-1F set includes one stainless steel surface mount door station, master station, and power supply.

Coffeyco also utilizes systems manufactured by Kocom, who are another leader in the video intercom industry.
Video Intercom Systems


From our mobiles to our tablets, we use connected devices every day of our lives. Modern living has never been more awash with connected gadgets, as much as it is now. And it’s not just our communication and computing devices that are interconnected, modern alarm systems, video security and home management systems are now networked as well.

All devices require a standard language or “protocol” to communicate and network with one another. Computers, tablets and smart phones can choose between several different types of protocols depending on the application. They have the hardware to accomplish this, but something more focused is needed for simpler devices.

Simpler devices require a less complicated language. The Z-Wave wireless protocol fills in this role. It is a protocol that provides robust, secure, and simple networking capability. It’s a modular system that can also be used to retrofit older devices. It can even connect devices that you wouldn’t normally consider as “smart”.

There are existing programs in the iPhone and Android app markets that allow you to monitor and communicate with your Z-Wave enabled devices. After installing these applications, you will be able to monitor and control each device’s function. From door locks, to window blinds, even old light fixtures can be controlled after retrofitting.

Everyone is familiar with using a remote. This same convenience is now available for other devices. Residential users will be able to interact with a host of different systems in their home such as alarm systems, thermostats, door locks, motorized blinds and lighting. These systems were traditionally monitored through a fixed display panel but the explosion of mobile handheld devices changed this landscape forever. Similarly, surveillance systems have a fixed console where live video feeds and recording can be accessed.

The ability now, by networking these devices together under one interface, opens up a whole new vista of functionality. With surveillance videos accessible at a few swipes of your fingertips, you can easily take a look at the video feed being transmitted from an area where an alarm has been triggered. This synergy results in a more efficient use of resources.

The Rise and Rise of Smart Home Automation!

In recent years, there has been a massive increase in the connectivity of the Internet with our everyday lives, especially in mobility. Now, this increase in connectivity has extended to a variety of security products that can help make your life easier both at home and at work.

This recent boom has brought with it a wide array of smart, affordable home and business automation products that appeal to a variety of buyers. These include individuals who want a bit more peace of mind at home (either house or rental), or at a mix of different business types. With companies like Coffeyco Security providing a comprehensive range of different smart devices for most digital home/business applications, you will be better protected while always connected!

In the wider scope of things, home automation’s boom is expected to create approximately $160 million in revenue in Australia in 2014, with an estimated increase to $917 million by the year 2017, according to a Telsyte study which can be found here.

Telsyte is an emerging analyst firm, focusing on predicting our future use of technology. In 2014, they put out their first Smart Home Automation Market Study. This study predicted the sharp increase, with a large focus on the changing landscape in home security, and the increased level of interest from homeowners, renters and business owners alike.

What is generating the interest? There are a variety of reasons, from the increase in home value to the increase in peace of mind they create, but for the most part, ease of use is leading the charge. Most systems can be operated by anyone who can download and use a smartphone application.

Of course, the application needs something to control, and most of these systems will be centered with a ‘smart hub’ – a device that will serve as the communication centerpiece for all smart security and z-wave automation devices including items such as smart light bulbs, thermostats, door locks, security sensors, etc. These devices will serve a multitude of purposes ensuring improved control while saving money through increased energy consumption awareness.

Are you interested in taking part in the boom with an increase in your home or business security? Call or contact Coffeyco for a quote today!
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Simple and Affordable Home Security for Renters

Protect it, even if you don’t own it. Your personal assets are priceless! Unfortunately, we are all exposed to break-ins!

Simple to install! Easy to use!

• Re-locatable equipment and monitoring service
• Wireless sensors for easy installation
• Wireless plug and play cameras
• Free smartphone app
• 24 hour protection

For the majority of Australians that move out of home for the first time, this means moving into a rental property of their own. Normally location and price means an apartment is the most common choice. A growing trend due to property affordability and a volatile economic climate shows an increasing number of Australians are opting to rent as a permanent living arrangement. The statistics uncover that rental living is not only exclusive to the young, with a large % of rentals across Australia occupied by families.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics household burglaries are on the rise in nearly every populated area of the country. Craig Coffey from Coffeyco Security believes that rented apartments and homes are a bigger target, as there is a common belief from thieves that if you don’t own the property, you won’t spend money on protecting it.

“Home Security should be just as crucial to a family or person renting as it is with a homeowner, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money” says Craig. Company research suggested an affordable quality monitored security system would fill a large void for a rental family/persons security concerns.

Welcome the GE Simon XT Wireless Security System with an innovative new program feature that allows the security equipment owner to re-locate not only the equipment but the monitoring service as well. There are no extra charges if you move address, just simply notify Coffeyco Security of the intended move and the friendly staff will post out a moving kit.

When in the new home/apartment click on our website to watch an installation video or to read the installer and users manual. As Coffeyco Security prides itself on a superior level of customer service they are only a phone call away if you need any help.

How crime victims can help solve their own crimes!

With many law enforcement offices overtaxed and understaffed, there has been a boom in crime victims attempting to solve their own crimes.

This trend has been growing globally for some time, with the numbers still climbing. Lack of urgency or a timely arrest, irritates and encourages victims to carry out the tedious, time consuming tasks such as collecting CCTV footage, speaking to neighbours or witnesses, and delivering it to the police for quicker assistance.

Without a security system, this can be a struggle. However with a properly installed security system, investigations are far simpler. Installing even a handful of motion sensors and cameras on your property can make this much easier, particularly with a real time event history log. This not only makes collecting the information a snap, it can help in determining your usual schedule and identifying any breaches or changes in that schedule (such as if there is a break in or other breach).

Installing sensors is the first step. Naming these sensors is the second. Perhaps you have three sensors – one at your front and rear doors, and one at your garage door. If these doors are labeled, it makes it much easier to provide an idea of the location of the breach and time, and if there is CCTV video, a picture or HD video of your burglar.

Adding these simple items to your security system or upgrading to an all inclusive security system can keep you safe, and not only arm your home, but arm you in the event of a breach, so the individual can be brought to justice.
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Monitored Smoke Alarms

Monitored smoke alarm systems are one of the most popular home safety solutions on the market today. Advance sensor technologies, real time communications, and round the clock monitoring work in tandem to deliver improved fire protection for your home. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that you have reliable equipment and professional staff safeguarding your home from fire.

A tiny piece of smoldering material, an unseen electrical short, or a miniscule flame can be the cause of a devastating fire. Combustion also produces an odorless gas called Carbon Monoxide that is debilitating to humans and eventually fatal if inhaled in significant amounts. It leaves less fit people unable to save themselves when a fire strikes.

Small, barely detectable fires produce smoke in quantities that humans can hardly smell when they’re awake, let alone while they’re sleeping. Thankfully, smoke detectors are sensitive enough to detect even minute amounts of smoke. They can buy you enough time to put down a fire or evacuate before it gets out of hand, saving you from possible loss of life and property.

Monitored smoke alarm systems have a couple of major advantages over standard passive alarm systems.
• The addition of real time monitoring further decreases the response time for emergency responders. Having one installed in your home assures you of a quicker response to fire related emergencies.
• Aside from alerting the emergency responders, the monitoring centre will call and SMS the home owner and his family. They can also trigger a full alarm to ensure that they get the attention of everyone inside the house.
• Monitored smoke alarm systems are continuously supervised in real time by professional staff at the monitoring centre. They can quickly distinguish between a false alarm and a real emergency allowing them to initiate the proper response in a timely manner.
• Even with a full complement of alarms, an empty house can still burn down if no one notices smoke alarms that have gone off. This would not happen with monitored alarm systems as they always have staff keeping an eye out for any signs of trouble.
• Individual detectors can inform the center about possible hardware failure in real time. Smoke detection reliability is improved since equipment problems are minimized. You’ll never overlook a faulty or unpowered detector again. Home owners who use multiple detectors will appreciate the ability to keep their system operating at optimum performance continuously.
• Smoke sensitivity and others settings can be adjusted remotely. This allows for more accurate readings leading to fewer false alarms. This feature reduces the need for visits by alarm technicians when only minor adjustments are required.

A Real Life Story
December 2008 in Oakville, Ontario, a small fire in the furnace room triggered an alarm at a Dunwoody residence. The sensors immediately sent an urgent notification to Security Response Center’s monitoring team. Nicole Hurak was on duty then and responded to the alarm with “above average professionalism and concern.”

The owner, Douglas Sabine, received a call while they were getting ready to sleep. He replied that he didn’t hear any alarm but would go down to check. Contact was lost and Nicole called back several times, each time receiving a busy signal. She then proceeded to call all the alternate numbers. Receiving no response, she immediately called the fire department.

It turned out that her call had saved Douglas’s life.

Unnecessary Risks
On May 13, 2013, the RAA has expressed its concern about the alarming number of residents who don’t have smoke alarms in their homes. They found that 12% of the respondents to the 2013 RAA Safety Survey don’t have smoke alarms installed where they live. Those who live in apartments are more unlikely to have one.

This is quite worrying since 1 in 5 home owners can expect to have a fire in their homes within their life time. Neil Mclean, a spokesperson from the RAA Secure Services, said that it is alarming to know that a significant number of residents are still not installing the proper fire prevention measures in their home.

Pay Attention to the Digital Door Locking Revolution

Technology is in a constant cycle of replacing objects we never thought it would.

Within the home, it is now not uncommon to find automated systems for the simplest items – from door locks to light bulbs. Along with automating home security, these items have been included and have since eliminated the need for the use of a key. While keeping a key would come in handy, it would no longer need to be used in day-to-day life.

While many believe that the movement to digital door locks is a natural progression, many are calling it a revolution. This revolution was actually started by a company called iRevo in South Korea in 1997. Since, there have been 2.8 million digital door lock systems sold throughout the world. The largest demand for these products, and the largest growing markets are in Korea, Scandinavia, America, the UK, Turkey and France (according to Yale Lock).

There are a variety of different digital door lock solutions for any home. These include a push-button system, a keypad that uses a code, and even a key fob similar to those that now come with most vehicles. One of the largest companies to sell these locks in America is called Yale, who have been lock providers in varying degrees for many, many years. Their most popular digital door locks are a touchscreen or push-button deadbolt, which can be used in tandem or separately from a key to secure your home. Even better, these items can be integrated with a variety of different security systems, including Z-Wave.

While Australia may not be one of the highest-demand areas for this new revolution in home security, it is definitely a rising choice in the quest to create peace of mind at home.
digital-door-lock Pay Attention

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home More Safe and Secure

Reasons to invest time and money into making your home safer go way beyond the impending burglar. What about natural disasters like floods, fires, and so on? Step up your security game with these tried and true tips and tricks.

1. Replace Your Batteries
Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors need to have their batteries replaced at the very least once per year, if not more often. Additionally, it is advised that alarms be replaced every ten years. Test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors with your family once a month to ensure everything is in good working order, and a great way to remember when to change their batteries is each time you change the clocks for daylight savings.

2. Check Your Exterior Lights
Make sure all of your outdoor lighting fixtures are working, including your motion lights and flood lights. Replace the bulbs with energy efficient LED light bulbs that will last longer. Also, make sure that all of the shadowy parts of your property are properly illuminated, as well as all of the home’s entrances.

3. Examine the Condition of Electrical Wires
Damaged electrical cords of any kind are a fire hazard, point blank. Check every wire and cord in your home to make sure there are no frayed edges or electrical shorts. Replace where necessary. This includes power adapters, surge protectors, and extension wires.

4. Check Your Locks
Make sure all your deadbolts and locks are full functional. You must install new locks if the existing lock’s integrity is questionable. Be sure to not forget about the lock on the door that connects your garage to your home.

All of the above advice can be taken care of in just one weekend. Most importantly, for homeowners in Queensland, installing an alarm system and home security system with 24/7 monitoring is your best bet for keeping everything protected. Coffeyco Security will take care of the rest.

A Letter From Your Local Burglar!


You don’t know me, but I know you. Of course, if you saw me you might recognize me. Maybe I was the guy who delivered your new refrigerator, or cleaned your carpets. Or perhaps I was the guy cutting your lawn who asked to use the bathroom. I saw that there was a box from a new television at the bins, fifty-five inch, impressive. It will be easy for me to get, too, since I left the bathroom window unlocked before I left. I have been parking down the street and walking past a couple of times a day to figure out your schedule, too.

I noticed that you left your front door unlocked fumbling with your umbrella this morning when I walked by. No problem, I will be sure to lock up before I leave. Of course, when I leave, it will be with that new television and Xbox console. Of course, if there are any valuables in the kids’ room, I won’t look at those – good thing there are plenty elsewhere in the house. The safe in your bedroom closet was visible when I used the bathroom the other day. It will be small enough to take without a hassle, so I hope there’s something good in there for me!

That old alarm system in the house seems like it would be a good idea in theory, of course the pretty decorative glass in your entryway lets me know for sure if it’s on – what great placement! Be sure to give the security company my regards when you call to report the break-in. We both know if your alarm would have been armed instead of left off in the umbrella fumble, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Lucky for me you don’t have a Coffeyco Security system that you can arm remotely from your smartphone, that system has caused me so many missed opportunities, but not this time!

There were some travel brochures and a trip itinerary on your kitchen counter when I was heading for the door, good to know when you’ll be out of town. I noticed you also told everyone what day you’re leaving on Facebook. At least now I know when to show up without being bothered. Oh, you don’t have a dog? Wonderful, no need to bring my oven spray. Enjoy your trip!

-Your local neighborhood burglar

Analogue Security Cameras vs Digital

What are security cameras?

Business establishments and institutions require security to stay viable in the long term. Assets and inventory need to be protected so that they continue to provide value to the business owners and investors. The higher value the property or merchandise, the more critical it becomes to have security in place.

A security surveillance system is the most viable solution available today. It enhances the existing capabilities of security personnel, increases their coverage, and makes coordination much easier. Owners and managers need to consider carefully what type of surveillance system they will put in place.

What are the choices?

There are two technologies currently in use for security cameras: Analogue and Digital. For all intents and purposes they perform the same function, which is to capture and record images in the direction they are pointed. It’s in how they capture, relay and store these images where they differ.

Analogue cameras were developed first and are usually what’s installed in older establishments. It captures images or video as analogue signals similar to the way that non-digital TV works. Image quality can vary depending on the type of camera but typically becomes more expensive the higher the resolution it can capture. Current analogue systems connect to a video recorder via coaxial cables. The stored video on the recorder is accessible locally with some systems offering remote viewing software allowing offsite connectivity from web-enabled devices.

Large scale digital camera systems are a recent development. These capture images or video and convert them into digital signals similar to how a web cam or digital handheld camera works. They can capture video in the minimum standard resolutions and higher, reaching high definition multi-megapixel video quality for optimum detail. They connect to an external managed switch, which can send the captured video directly online, to a computer, mobile device or to a network video recorder.

What are the pros and cons of these two systems?

When it comes to image quality, digital cameras with their megapixel capabilities absolutely outshine their analogue counterparts. Installation is also easier with digital cameras since they can be connected to the switch wirelessly or by using fewer cables when installing a POE switch which powers the cameras over the Ethernet through the CAT5 cable. This avoids greater installation costs by reducing the amount of cable required as well as having to conceal less cable which in turn reduces labour costs.

Analogue’s main advantage is in pricing. For certain applications that require the minimum image quality, an analogue security camera system will cost cheaper than a digital one. However, this advantage is rapidly eroding due to the increasing availability of cheaper digital camera units.

These cheaper digital security cameras offer improved video capture quality and easier installations but do require a stable network connection. Analogue systems will continue to function as long as they are connected by cable to the recorder. Digital systems must remain connected to the network at all times for operability.

One other advantage of digital camera systems is that they can be adapted to infrared imaging easily. This is very useful for night time monitoring. The digital sensor on most systems can have the ability to view IR images if an IR source is available.

Which is the best for your business?

For businesses and institutions that require a high level of security, a digital video system which can capture more detail is recommended. Good examples of these types of establishments are casinos, banks, jewelry stores – any location that deals with high value transactions.

When choosing between the two systems, digital is becoming the preferred choice for most, especially when setting up security systems in newly constructed buildings. Although analogue systems may still be useful for those businesses that require only the minimum image quality.
Analogue Security